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You’ve tried the usuals. Ad listings are up and you’ve spread the good word. We’ve got a better way to sell your car in Meath.Sell it to us!

We’ll give you fast cash for your car if it’s 2012 and above. Trying to sell a vintage or high-value older car? Great, we’ll buy it!

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Is my Car Suitable for Motor Buyer?

Here at Motor Buyer, we buy a vast range of cars for cash in Meath and around the rest of Ireland. If you are wondering if your car is suitable to sell to Motor Buyer for cash, we’ll break it down for you.

  • Was your car registered in 2010 or after? If so, great! We buy most 2010 cars, or newer. We also consider some older cars, so why not reach out to our experts to find out if your car is right for Motor Buyer!
  • We buy cars that are in great condition. If your car is running well and is in decent condition, we will most likely be happy to buy your car for cash in Meath. Remember to keep in mind that we don’t buy scraps or cars that are badly damaged or in poor condition.

If you are not sure if your car is right for us, not to worry, you will get the chance to tell us all about your car before we see it in the flesh. When you decide you would like to get a quote for your car from Motor Buyer, you will need to provide the car’s registration, which allows us to see the year of registration.

If our Motor Buyer experts are happy with the details you have provided, we will arrange to see your car and take it out for a quick test drive. Meeting with our Motor Buyer experts could not be easier. We are open to buy cars for cash in Meath, but also have a number of different locations across the country where we can collect your car. If it’s more convenient for us to come to you in Dublin, Meath, Wexford or Wicklow, we can arrange that! We are all about making selling your car easy and stress free, so contact us today to get a quote and start the process of getting cash for your car in Meath.

Motor Buyer

We buy cars for cash
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If you are considering selling your car, you have many options to think about, and we believe Motor Buyer should be at the top of your list.

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Would recommend to anyone

Really great service. Eoghan is extremely professional. Would recommend to anyone.

Mark Mullins

Very Straightforward

Very straightforward and honest process. Would reccommend

Peter McGrady

Absolute Gent

Dealt with Eoghan. Absolute gent.
Sold my car for a good price. Process so quick.
Fair play lads. Would deal with them anytime

Fergus Noonan
Motor Buyer

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Motor Buyer

We buy cars for cash
quickly, safely and simply.

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