How To Determine The Value Of Your Car?

If you’ve ever considered selling a car in Ireland, the first question you probably would have asked yourself is, how do I determine what’s my car worth or how much should I sell my car for?

It is completely understandable that you will want to make as much money as you can once you’ve made the decision to try and sell your car. Detailed below is how you can determine the price of my car. But what steps can you take to ensure the vehicle is ready for sale and ultimately give you the best opportunity to make the most amount of money.

Our easy to follow guide below will give you some pointers to maximise the value and ensure you get the best cash price if you are looking to sell your vehicle. From keeping the vehicle in excellent condition inside and out to maintaining a regular service history, these tips will help you sell your car for more.

How Is The Car Price Calculated?

When considering how much is my car worth in Ireland, there are several elements that you should take into consideration when calculating how much to sell it for.

From a professional point of vehicle, for many years, the motor industry has worked to produce annual pricing figures for all types of cars to enable traders to have a better, more accurate vehicle valuation guide. The data has been collated over many years and provides a guide for buyers and sellers to refer to, to understand the value of their vehicle.

As well as using car buying guides, another way to calculate the price is to carry out research of the local and national market place. This method is likely to provide a more realistic method for calculating the value of a car because it involves comparing similar vehicles that are for sale.

Essentially, if you’ve asked yourself what’s my car worth? The car sales market would provide a good benchmark for you to calculate the price of your car. By checking what similar vehicles are being sold for, you will quickly be able to compare whether your vehicle is better and formulate a selling price from the comparison vehicles.

What Can Affect The Value Of Your Car?

How To Sell Your Car?

Before you think about selling, you need to get the car ready for sale. Taking care of any damage to the exterior bodywork, removing scratches and marks will make sure that first impressions of the vehicle are good. Additionally, addressing potential concerns for the buyer, such as selling a car with a check engine light on, can impact the final sale price.

If you need help with getting the market value of my car in Ireland, read our advice above. Alternatively use a Value My Car Free Online service.

There are a few ways that you can sell your car. The traditional way is to advertise the vehicle on car selling websites, through newspaper adverts or alternatively through popular auction sites. Once you’ve taken photos of the car and written your adverts you’re ready to go. Be prepared for lots of questions, phone calls and dealing with people wanting to view the vehicle.

If you want to buy another car, you could also consider selling it in part exchange for another vehicle. But if you’re looking to cash in quickly, using an online car buying service, could provide a quick and hassle free way to sell.


Hopefully this guide has given you plenty to consider. There are many factors that you should think about when determining the value of your car, especially if you’re looking to sell it in Ireland. From working out ‘what’s my car worth’ to waving goodbye once the deal is done the factors above should help you prepare and achieve the result you are looking.
Make sure that you are aware of all the potential pitfalls that you could be faced with. If you’ve decided to proceed with selling your car, before you do so, read the best used car selling guides and discover the simple steps you should take.

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