Can you sell your car with a check engine light on?

If you’ve asked yourself the question ‘can I sell my car with the engine light on’, you no doubt have concerns about what to do. Should you get it repaired? Should you scrap it? Or, should you try and sell a car with a check engine light.

If you live in Dublin, Leinster or anywhere in Ireland, then read on as this ‘how to sell’ guide will help you understand what the light means, why the check engine light has come on and what to do if you are thinking of selling a car with check engine light on.

What Is The Check Engine Light?

The check engine light is a visual indicator for a car owner to inform them that there is an underlying issue with the car. How significant that issue is, is difficult to determine unless you take the car to a garage and have it checked by a qualified technician.

The light is there to warn you and if you continue to drive the car with the light on, you could be opening yourself up to the potential of the car breaking down. It is imperative to get the vehicle assessed quickly.

Reasons For A Check Engine Light To Come On

So, what are the reasons for a check engine light to come on. There could be a number of issues that has been identified by the vehicles computer and by connecting it to a diagnostic system will determine what has happened. It could be:

Should I Sell My Car With The Check Light On?

Realistically no, you shouldn’t sell a car with the check engine light on.

If it is clear that the car has a problem, then it should be repaired before you advertise it. It is against the law to sell a car that you know has a problem, if you don’t inform potential buyers. If someone buys the car then discovers the problem you could be convicted of fraud. 

What’s more by getting the issue investigated and repaired you are protecting yourself from any risk when you do finally sell. The fault may be relatively inexpensive to resolve and could enable you to get a higher price.

However, there is a way of how to sell a car with the check engine light on, and this requires you to make any potential buyers know of the issue. This will invariably mean that any offers you receive will be lower than what you had hoped to receive.

As long as you make any potential buyer aware of the issue and can demonstrate this, if they choose to buy the vehicle, it is their responsibility to get it repaired prior to taking it on to the road.

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